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Wedding Belles – or “oh no, nobody has anything better to do on the 19th of May, do they?”

Preparations are well under way for our next concert, which is on the 19th of May at 7.30pm. Now you may think this date sounds familiar… and it is, for it happens to be the day of the Royal Wedding! So we are all doing our best not to make puns on “ring”, and hoping some people will not be too exhausted by the celebrations to come and hear some bells.

Of course the wedding had to be mentioned in the title: Wedding Belles. Graham has picked out some pieces suitable to weddings, and some poems to reflect the day. (It’s worth coming along just to see how we got Eleanor Rigby and Leroy Anderson In Concert to fit the wedding theme!)

Thanks to the people at Where Can We Go for including the concert on their website.

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